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Best Vegan Moisturizer!

by Veg Girl

Veg Peeps,

I was recently asked about vegan moisturizers, and I thought I’d share my reviews and thoughts with you as well. As you know, I’ve been vegan for over 11 years now and have gone through the gamut of available products. I have used the products listed below for years, and would never recommend something that has not been tested out by me for at least a year! So you know these are tried and true!

Another interesting fact, I also happen to live in the Arizona desert which is second in sun intensity only to Austrailia, thus dry skin abounds all who dare to call these parts home even if just a temporary home away from home. By that, I also mean you’ll need these products on-hand even if you just plan to visit good ole’ Arizona because the dry heat is no joke.

Thus, the number one moisturizer every human (and vegan) needs to get their hands-on is one of the Hempz lotions!!! I use these for face, lips, and body. They do not break-out my face, and this line is the ONLY vegan lotion I have tried that works to keep my lizard/flaky patches of dry skin at bay! I moisturize my full body at least once per day and sometimes twice per day in the summer. These bottles are big, and I’m buying them at least every 1-2 months. Hempz is my must-have vegan moisturizer hands-down. I’ve tried everything from straight coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, Avalon Organics, Kiss My Face, Whole Foods brand, Nourish Organic, Pacifica, Acure, and the list could continue on forever. While some of these are fabulous, when it comes to hitting all of the major points for me in one bottle, such as moisture retention, price, scent, skin feel, ease of rubbing it in, longevity, and my skin reaction, Hempz takes the cake. Check off all of the boxes. Hempz has you covered!

My guess is that this high-quality is due to the high concentration of hemp oil mixed with the other ingredients. You get that solid moisture from the oil with the unique formula that allows it stay all day and keep you hydrated. If I take a shower 10 hours after putting this on, I can feel the water wicking it away, yet I never get that sticky over the top lotion feel while its on and just working.  Hempz unique formulas vary based on the variety of Hempz lotion you use.

Within the varieties of Hempz, I do notice a difference between the triple moisture lotion (the blue one) and the more scented ones as the triple moisture just seems to give a more lasting hydration than the others. In reading this, you might think that you’d have to sacrifice scent over hydration if you wanted a great smelling lotion, however, I personally prefer the scent of the triple moisture lotion to all the other scents. The only exception to that is my FAVORITE scent which is a limited-edition, which I recently paid $30 for one bottle to get my hands on, again, the Acai Berry & Violet. I stocked up when it first came out but ran out at least a year or two ago. Trust me, it’s worth every dollar! The scent is the best I’ve ever smelled of a lotion. No lie! But as for my daily driver, that is definitely that triple moisturizer or the age-defying moisturizer. I LOVE using the age-defying version as a face moisturizer since it also states that it has firming properties. Keep that face tight thanks to Hempz! You can also do so without having to spend your savings on a tiny pot of lotion just because it’s labeled for the face #thingsthatmakemecringe.

Here’s another economical tip: one little thing I do as a DIY is put my Hempz Age Defying Face Lotion in a smaller, sleeker air pump bottle (the kind without a straw) that more easily stores in my makeup drawer than the larger bottle. This way I can have it on hand in a small size to use on the daily or take it on the go without having to also purchase one of the smaller bottles of Hempz. Hempz, essentially, runs in two sizes the 17oz. and the 2.25oz bottle. Big difference in price and portability. I’d prefer to save money and create my own mini bottles as needed by only purchasing the big bottles and then portioning them out.  I also save plastic this way as I’m not having to repurchase mini’s nor buy them for every bigger bottle I like. See below.

I did splurge on the little mini for last winter’s scent which was the White Peppermint and Vanilla. In this way, the minis are a great way to try out new scents if you cannot find them locally and are not yet ready to commit.

None of the Hempz lotions ever caused any stress to my face (no dryness, no oily patches, nor breakouts, and no allergic reactions). I can wear each one from head to toe without concern. Having a moisturizer that does not have physical boundaries to me is key since I want to take just as good of care of my leg skin as I do my face skin. Why should that not be reasonable and easily accessible? Well, Hempz ensures that it can be just that.

In addition to the basic face and body moisturizers, I currently use the Hempz Lip Balm, which for as long as I can remember was not vegan. I think it was stated as non-vegan on Amazon in the ingredient list for the product, but as soon as I had my hand on the actual product, I learned it was vegan. Things may have changed or it may have been vegan all along. Either way, a few Ipsy bags back, they sent one, and to my surprise, it is now stamped vegan. Yay! I highly recommend this if you like a basic, non-pigmented, no taste, and most importantly non-sticky, hydrating lip balm. For those reason, it’s also great for men, people who like a basic product, and kids. Check it out!

All of the Hempz moisturizers are gluten-free, paraben free, THC free, and vegan! They are also reasonably priced at around $10-15 per bottle and available almost everywhere (Amazon, Ulta, drugstores, etc.)

Hempz is just clean, solid, and dependable. You cannot go wrong and will get the value/quality you desire every time without fail. There are some other favs that I also keep on hand, my notable mentions. These depend on skin preference though and are great for dry, sensitive skin like mine:

  1. Tarte- Maracuja Oil
  2. SW Basics – Cream
  3. ELF – Daily Hydration Face Moisturizer
  4. Cake Beauty- Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion
  5. Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream – Best Hand Cream EVER!!!
  6. Body Merry – Retinol Surge Moisturizer
  7. Joyal Beauty – Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

What’s your go-to vegan lotion? Are you a Hempz addict or just in general a moisture junkie as I am? Should I break this out a little more and do the best vegan serum or best vegan mask? Let me know what you’d like to read Veg Peeps, and thanks for stopping by!


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