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Pretty VULGAR’s – The Feather’s Mascara!

by Veg Girl

Mascara selection is very important to the health of your lashes if you’re a user since dry lashes are those at risk for premature breakage (shortening) or lash loss altogether. One of the best defenses is to obtain products that hydrate without running. Pretty Vulgar is a new (to me!) makeup brand with the most adorable packaging I’ve seen in quite some time. It displays a whimsical Alice in Wonderland flair for the extraordinary only elevated into sophistication similar to Alexander McQueen. I imagine this brand was conceived just outside the London Theatre following a quaint afternoon tea resulting in a drama that is every bit sharp as it is flirty.

I decided to dive into this new mascara mostly due to the packaging but could not help but love the product too. It offers a chunky, curved wand giving build and lengthening with only minimal fall out by the end of the day. There is a bit of drag down the lids, so if you’re aversive note that, and if you’re keen to check in throughout the day or smoking it out in the slightest then it’ll be a slight blur of the awesome vegan mascara formula. The wand cap feels solid, easy to control, while not being obnoxious or distracting. It’s that just-right kind of something unique and special that builds hope of something fierce and novel is worth every flick of that wrist!

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The Feathers Mascara by Pretty Vulgar

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