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by Veg Girl


Hello Veg Peeps!

My goal in creating this resource was to bring those interested in vegan things and a vegan lifestyle a holistic guide to creating your own vegan world that is enjoyable, abundant, and vibrant. We all know that being vegan is more than just food. It’s about choosing cruelty-free: fashions, make-up, beauty products, books, movies, and many other staples of daily life, as best we can.

I am not the kind of vegan that makes too many presumptions when it comes to available products, which translates into my constant quest to discover and appreciate newly found vegan treasures! I want to make it easier to not only know what is out there but also help you decipher and choose the best of the vegan best! Years ago, vegans had limited choices, but there is now an abundance of options. Vegan consumers are able to make a greater demand on industry and have a stronger voice in the market.

In addition to my quest for new vegan products, I am also not easily satisfied with yesterday’s information, and in a society that is constantly questioning this lifestyle, we must stay abreast on new strategies, research, and data that support the change we are trying to effect. My hope is that we can form a wide network of Veg Peeps and space to critically analyze and discuss all things vegan! To the table, I am fortunate enough to bring a history of formal study and experience in social justice, policy, planning, community organizing, and advocacy. Currently, I practice as a Doctor of Behavioral Health and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Primary Care offering Behavioral Medicine Strategies from a generalist perspective, and I plan to use this background as I support others to develop their advocacy to ensure all efforts are advancements forward. I hope to encourage veg peeps to make informed decisions about their efforts and avoid those that only serve to confuse and distract from the true message of this very important social evolution, which is the right of all animals to live as beings, not commodities.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to help encourage new vegans, established vegans, and the veg-curious to get out there and start cooking!! The only way to truly fall in love with something is to bring it home and make it your own. This requires that you first understand your unique tastes through your own sampling and blending of flavors and textures, as things tend to change when you go vegan. My personal opinion is that the happiest people are those that cook, which also happens to make this voyage toward and through this lifestyle a lot more enjoyable! I feel going vegan taught me so much about my palette, and I hope you’ll create space to learn a little more about yourself and palette through a vegan experience.

At the end of the day, I want the components of this resource to be as informative and serious as it is fun and entertaining, because vegans, after all, are regular people, who also want to exercise all of their multifaceted dimensions and delight in the lightness of life. So if my ramblings, analyses, posts, treats, quirky thumbnails and pics, product reviews and such can help make you laugh and step into the future of a vegan world then that’s what we’ll create!Stay tuned, I have some great stuff planned.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to reading your comments and hearing your feedback, after all this is meant to support you! Please let me know what you’d like to feast on literally and psychologically. You can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, or Email.

I’m so thrilled we’re here!

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