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VPOW! Honeycrisp Apple Candle

by Veg Girl

Hey Veg Peeps,

Vegan Product of the Week (VPOW) is set to bring those chill vibes home to you!

It’s time to bust out the sweaters and get cozy. Fall’s here!!! Nothing can beat the temps cooling down and thoughts turning toward the holidays and slower days, but I did find something that can make it that much more inviting and sensuous. It’s the new candle from Trader Joes, Honeycrisp Apple. These candles are soy-wax based,and the wicks do not contain any lead, which means you’re burning as healthy as possible. Though anytime you’re combusting with fire, invariably toxins are released, but perfectionism is not something this Veg Girl strives for anyway.

Off that tangent, this candle is only $3.99 and the scent burns strong enough to fill the room but without being overwhelming. I have not stopped burning it since I purchased it, which says a lot! Grab these for gifts or just to hoard for yourself (#myplan) before they’re gone. If you end up missing them, Trader Joes also carries others such as the Grapefruit which is a nicer more summer/spring scent. Let me know if you’ve tried them and what you think? Have any other soy-based candles you’re loving?

Happy Fall!


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