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Best Vegan Cake!

by Veg Girl

Hello Veg Peeps!

I have tried so many vegan cake products including cake mixes, frostings, and sprinkles. For the most part, I have many to be not worth the effort. Years ago, there was one product that I really liked, but they stopped making them. I even tried to hoard the last box I could get my hands on and still have it in my freezer! Here’s the good news I can finally eat it! I have found a comparable dupe, and it’s the best, Vegan Organic Cake Mix by Miss Jones.

Most vegan cake mixes do something to make it funky or just otherwise off. This happens either by making them gluten-free or trying to be too minimal with the ingredients or even too natural. When I go to eat cake, I want something great, not good, GREAT! I’m not eating this stuff on the daily and want to maximize my splurges!  I find this is how most vegans are, yet a lot of companies try to overdo the health side of things and then attempt a mass appeal to many specialty markets. It’s good enough to be vegan. It does not have to be vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, oil-free, and sugar-free.

Well, I finally found that product at my local Natural Grocer (on sale for $4 to boot!), and normally it runs $5 per box and jar of frosting. You can also get it on Amazon. It just comes out so moist and flavorful, and the best part, they have a confetti variety!!! The one thing I have NEVER found until now is a vegan confetti cake or frosting mix!!! When I think of sugar and fun, I think of a confetti cupcake! Get in my belly, happiness!

To review for you, I’ve purchased and baked-up the vanilla and chocolate cake with the chocolate and confetti frostings. I made them based on the directions on the back. I used Ener-G egg replacer as I have that on hand, though it would work well with arrowroot powder, which is my replacer of choice. I always use 1 tablespoon and a little bit of water per egg it requires. I mix the dry stuff first to ensure even mixing of the arrowroot/Ener-G. I then added soy milk and 1/4 cup of melted butter. It asks for 1/2 cup melted butter, but that’s an extreme amount of butter, even for me! It worked perfectly, so feel free to go easy on the butter.

The cake tastes very similar to the vegan Duncan Hines Homestyle chocolate cake but without the chemicals. The frosting is more along the lines of the basic, homemade frostings I whip-up myself, which is just powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and water. I prefer that taste since it really pops with freshness and pure sugar. The chocolate frosting tasted just the same as the vanilla but with a cocoa hint, so I would not repurchase that. They have a few other flavors including salted caramel that I plan to try out for you next! Stay tuned.

In case you’re wondering, I plan to hoard these cakes as well, so buy them fast, because as soon as word gets out how good these are, they’ll be taken up swiftly by your fellow Veg Peeps!

What treats are you loving or hoarding lately, Veg Peeps?

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