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Policy Update: Animal Parts Labeling

by Veg Girl

Welcome back Veg Peeps!

Today, I thought I’d share a new find in the world of vegan-spotting, which is the process we come to know what is vegan and what is not vegan, totally made up ­čÖé

In one of my recent styling services, I was sent this pair of Mavi jeans, and although they were absolutely lovely, I passed on them. Here’s why. While reviewing the tag to see where they were made, as it was a new brand to me, I noticed first there were many tags and second, the line “contain┬ánon-textile parts of animal“.┬á I personally have never seen this line on a tag before, but how cool! It is referring to the label on the back that’s almost always camel colored. There are so many times I’ve looked at that label on the back and wondered about its animal or non-animal nature. It’s hard to tell and often requires research to truly know. In doing some research on this, I did find that this is now becoming a requirement of some countries, and I think all in the European Union (not US of course!).

How awesome would it be if the US would require it? I think just for the sheer fact that it would bring increased awareness to buyers that unnecessary animal products are being used in the making of an item, but also it is just moving us closer toward full discretion in product labeling. Additionally, I think it might divert many people who would otherwise care, but not think about it, in the direction of buying fully vegan jeans.

How about it Veg Peeps, should we move in the direction of having this be a US policy as well? And if we did, where would start?

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