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Padlock Necklace

I saw this necklace for sale on another site for well over $300 bucks, and it was in a gold tone which is not my fav! I searched the internet but could not find exactly what I was looking for, which got me thinking I should create my own. It took months and many failed attempts, and yet, I was able to pull the pieces together in the exact quality and .925 sterling silver that I was looking for since I LIVE in my jewelry and do not want to worry about showering and having to take it off. I can live in this piece, and it retains its shine and elegance. This is such a classic piece that will not go out of style. It’s priced at just $79 which is such a steal! I only have so many and cannot guarantee stock, so order soon. I do offer free domestic, regular shipping, or you can pay to expedite. Get yours today 🙂

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I always think it’s helpful to see the clasp and fine details. Note* the chain is a sterling silver, box chain at 16″ with about a 1″ drop, so it hits that perfect mid-range of the neck and dĂ©colletage. If you need a 14″ for a choker effect or an 18″, let me know!

I like to layer it with my other high shine pieces, and with the padlock necklace on a 16″ chain, it just hits that perfect length to be the centerpiece.