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Wantable Unboxing and Try-on for January 2018

by Veg Girl

Hey Veg Peeps!

I’ve decided to start sharing my clothing style services so that you can get a vegan sneak peak and see if they’d work for you. I only share those that are vegan-friendly meaning they do not send me any silk, fur, leather, etc. Most of these services have you take a survey, and there you can indicate fabrics you do not want to receive. I have not had one mishap thus far and really appreciate these services as I HATE shopping in the mall and department stores. With Wantable, you pay $20 and they send you items to review and try-on. You keep what you like, send back the rest, and they only charge you for those items you kept. Try it out!

Here are all of the items shown:

You can request these if you’d like via your note to your stylist or via the stream of items.

Cupcakes and Cashmere: Pia Favorite Sweatshirt- Storm Blue $95

Sanctuary: Pointe Leggings – Black $78

Vigoss: Moto Jacket – Black $78

Wantable: Slash Sleeve Top – $68

Articles of Society: Sarah Release Hem – $84

Gentle Fawn: Atlas Tunic – Deep Sapphire Navy – $59

Wantable: Oversized Plaid Scarf – Blue/Gray $42

Total Box $504

Discount -$100.80 (if you buy 5 or more of the pieces)

Pre-Paid $20

Total (for everything) $383.20


In the end, I paid $95 as I kept the one top (though $20 of that was pre-paid to receive the box which the subtracted from the cost of what I kept). Wantable does not charge sales tax in my state! The cost to send the items back is free and they send you a Wantable-addressed large envelope for that. You just drop the stuff in, seal it, and drop it off at the post. Simple.  Want to try it out? Go here and use my referral link!

Let me know what you think?

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