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Petit Vour vs. Ipsy January 2018

by Veg Girl

Hey Veg Peeps!

It’s beauty box time! This month (or last… based on how late this post is going up) I received my Petit Vour and Ipsy, and once again, I gave it up to Petit Vour! I did unsubscribe and then resubscribe to Ipsy as I wasn’t feeling it these last couple of boxes and thought I received less vegan stuff than I did, but as you can see, I did get some awesome products that reignited my enthusiasm. Thus, I’ll be back with another Ipsy and PV unboxing soon!


BioRepublic Fiber Sheet Mask in Aloe Rescue and Pomegranate Crush [100% Cruelty-Free]

*Note: These are reported to be made from an eco-friendly bamboo fiber and are also paraben free!!!  I love this concept in a world with too much waste anything eco-friendly always gets my vote!!

Vasanti Contour Eyeshadow Brush 4 [VEGAN]

*This brush is sooo soft. I absolutely love it for blending out creases and fine lines! I want more from this brand for sure.

Luna Eye Shadow in Juliet

*some of their products are labeled cruelty-free and others are not, so this is a bit confusing. I’ve emailed the company and will get back to you!

Ciate – Fierce Flicks Eyeliner in Black [VEGAN]

*This eyeliner created such a beautiful line and was so easy to control as it glided on beautifully.

Doucee Punk Volumizer Mascara in Black is NOT vegan (which is fine because it’s just BAD).

*This mascara had the WORST wear I have used in a long time. It went on so beautifully given how thick the wand brush is but that did not last long. See below. The mascara was literally running off my face. How could anyone ever use this product? Also, the eyeliner is the vegan Ciate Fierce Flicks Eyeliner, which I just absolutely love!!!!

Petit Vour

Andalou Instant Brighten and Tighten Facial Mask with Vitamin C [VEGAN]

*The first thing you notice when you use this mask is that it smells just like orange juice, which was pretty fitting since I used it first thing on a Saturday morning. The next thing you notice is that it stings a bit. I’m not sure if my skin was particularly dry on this day, but it did sting. Also, I was really surprised to read on the back of this package that following use of the face mask you can use the remaining liquid in the package as a face serum. I have no idea why I’ve never thought of this but I did always feel wierd tossing a face mask packet with left over juice in it. Maybe all mask liquids wouldn’t work this way, but how cool that they formulated it like this! What a bonus!!!

K Voss Lip Plumper [VEGAN]

*This product was a bust, because instantly after putting it on, I took it right off! It burns. WTF? I don’t get it but will gift it and see what someone else has to say…? Is it plumping from inflammation and injury? 

Aromatherapy Associates Revitalizing Facial Oil [VEGAN]






We Loves Eyes Foaming Eye Cleanser [VEGAN]

What do you think, Veg Peeps? Who won? I give it up to Ipsy this month. They supplied an amazing vegan eyeliner, vegan makeup brush, and two vegan (as far as I can tell) facial masks. While I love the eye wash from Ipsy, the lip plumper was a fail. The face mask is decent but there was only one. Lastly, the facial oil also interesting is rather small. This box is not worth the $18 I paid, so that definitely makes it a fail. Let me know what you’d like to see in one of these boxes?



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