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Petit Vour Vs. Beauty Box February 2018

by Veg Girl

Welcome Back Veg Peeps!

I decided to switch things up and cancel Ipsy. I LOVE Ipsy but just wanted a change. I tried out the Allure box, but did not feel that would be fair to compare Petit Vour. In thinking on those points, I ended up deciding to give Vegan Cuts Beauty Box another shot. I’ve done their boxes in the past and been very disappointed as the value was beyond lacking in comparison to how much you pay. That was years ago, and I cannot imagine them being around this long without making some improvements. I was right! I am so glad I made the switch, and spoiler later, Vegan Cuts Beauty Box won the head-to-head competition this month 🙂 They just blew my mind with how high quality the items were and how useful they are. I want to say I only use and love about 20% of my Petit Vour items, but in the first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, it was clear they have a good understanding of what brands people love and will use, crave, and actually repurchase. Check it out!

Petit Vour – $52

Elate Cosmetics – Creme Revealer $12 The coverage seems nice, but then it just moves on top of your skin, it doesn’t seem to set very well. I didn’t mention this, but I get so disappointed to receive concealers from PV since they all seem so poorly formulated and not at all effective. I fear this is one of those. I am going to experiment using it as a concealer-refresher, which is when I touch-up my concealer late in the workday, since the formula is very moist and my eyes are drier at that time of day. Reapplying makeup like concealer can be a bit tricky late in the day due to the dryness and makeup already there. I’ll keep you posted on how that works! In the meantime, if you need a great concealer, you can try Shape Tape by Tarte (it’s the best)!

DermaE – Purifying Daily Detox Scrub with Activated Charcoal $2 – This is by far one of the BEST scrubs I have ever used. You get that layer removal feel AND you get a fresh air feeling after using it as though it has some sort of mint or astringent. It’s that flushing, fresh like feeling. AMAZING!!! 

Red Apple Lipstick – Lip Liner $23This is just okay. I do not use pencils nor do I wear colors this dark. I’ll end up gifting this. 

Zabana Essentials – Tamanu Calendula Healing Anti-Blemish Face Balm $15 – I love this as a nighttime face balm. It very moist and greasy, just the way I like to keep my face just before bed. 


Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – $59

Jivi Exfoliating Face Wash -Lemongrass $12The company noted on their insert that everytime you buy a bottle they donate the cost of one food bank meal to a bank in your community 🙂 How awesome!!!

Luscious Cosmetics – Lip Contour Crayon $12This is a VERY dry formula. It is so dry that it clumps on the lips and makes it difficult to purse your lips. It is also too dark for my tastes. I would not recommend this. 

DermaE – Hydrating Night Cream – Hyaluronic Acid $7.50 As mentioned, this was one of my most favorite creams, but the smell seems a little more muted than before. Still love it though!! 

Saiva Naturals – Relaxing Foot Balm $17.50 – I love this!! It’s really nice and much more than a moisturizer. It is a healing-like balm. I am actually USING it 🙂 

Art Naturals – Facial Sponge Duo (Kojac Fibers) $10 – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! I also love how I have an everyday one (the white one) and the charcoal-infused one to be used once weekly as an extra scrub step! These are the best. If you have not tried a konjac sponge, go get this set!!! This one is similar but a bit different. 

What do you think Veg Peeps? Who won this one? I still give it to Beauty Box, but whoa, that face scrub from DermaE surprised the heck out of me, such a must have product!

Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve tried either of these boxes?

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