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Petit Vour vs. Ipsy December 2017

by Veg Girl

It’s the end of the month Veg Peeps, and we have a final box and bag from Petit Vour and Ipsy to review. Since I love both of these boxes and yet they are so similar, I want to start a little competition between them each month. While I already do this to some extent as it is, I am now getting them closer together every month since I resumed Petit Vour, thus the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison is easier nowadays. So I am going to just that each month moving forward, and post a video after trying each product to help give you an honest review rather than an initial reaction based on the unboxing just as a means to give you more quality within my sharings. Please let me know your thoughts on this style and order of sharing and reviewing?

Let’s get into the boxes!

First up, we have Petit Vour which offered 5 products this month, thus dare I say we received a holiday gift? If so, thank you Petit Vour. In fact, they were the only subscription service to do something extra for their subbies, which I appreciate! 

In the box, we have the following vegan items:

Ursa Major- Recovery Cream $6

True Moringa- Lip Whip: Truth $16

Juice Beauty- Phyto Pigments Ultra Natural Mascara- $10

Province Apothecary- Full Brow Serum $16

Odacite- Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque- $6

Total Value: $54 (Paid $18) 

Thoughts: I love a good thick cream, so the Ursa Major product is exciting. Though it’s so small that I will not really be able to test it for long enough to know if it improves my skin in any way. Some samples are really just advertisements since you cannot actually test them, and this is one of those advertisements. The mascara is nice. I love the brand, but I highly doubt I’m hopping off the ELF train of mascaras. The full brow oil is a joke. I’ve used castor oil as a moisturizer on my face for years, and it does not help you grow hair. Greasy brows are a no as well, so I’m likely going to use this as an under the eye moisturizer which should be nice since it does contain coffee and argan oils. The face mask will be nice, so I’m excited for that. The lip whip is so nice to put on as it feels hydrating, smells nice, and has a good gloss and shine without any stickiness.

Next, we have Ipsy, and upon first glance, I LOVE this month’s bag. I’m just such a big organization person, so these bags always come in handy. I love those that can double as a going out bag which this one can definitely do!

In the box, we have the following:

Steve Laurant – Lip Gloss in Magic $22 (Cruelty-Free: Steve Laurant is a cruelty-free company.)

First Aid Beauty- Face Cleanser (Cruelty-Free: First Aid Beauty is a cruelty-free company.)

Tony Moly – Green Tea Watery Cream (Not Animal-Friendly)

MAC- 3D In Extreme Dimension Mascara- Black (Does Animal Testing Where Required by Law). 

Luxie Beauty – Precision Shader Brush $14 (Cruelty-Free and Vegan: Luxie makes vegan makeup brushes.)

Thoughts: I’m not a fan of the brand Tony Moly since they seem to use a lot of parabens in their products, so that’s out for me. Also, MAC is up in the air for me. They sell in China, thus do animal testing only as required by law, but still… I’m also not a fan of first aid beauty since their products seem to also have some junk ingredients. Some say they are not cruelty-free since they cannot guarantee their suppliers are not testing the ingredients on animals, but that’s a stretch that I wouldn’t hold against them. I do love the Steve Laurant lip gloss and Luxie brushes are such a favorite of mine. Lastly, the bag is always a fun item! I love and can use this bag for so many things, because it’s silver and sparkly it’ll easily double as a clutch or can be used as a drawer organizer since it’ll catch the light and make searching a little easier. Likely, it’s to house my facial oils.

Bonus: I also reviewed enough products on Ipsy that I earned this makeup removing cloth as a reward.

Afterspa- Magic Makeup Remover $5

The cloth is reusable and machine washable. Super stoked for that!

The winner is….. Petit Vour!! It was close this month especially with my Ipsy reward and the Petit Vour extra item, but in the end, the Ipsy bag gives me a lot of anxiety even though like the brush I’ll use the items longer than Petit Vour. I love the feeling of having all of my items be vegan and rethinking ways to use them that suit my needs such as converting the brow oil into a hand-oil, which it works perfectly for as I can now attest that much!

As for last month, I can honestly say I have not touched the  Lily Lolo: MAKEUP MIST. I just have not been in a position to need to set my makeup nor feeling all that dry which is likely due to the fact that I went back to using my maracuja oil and my Sunday Riley brightening set.

I use the Metta Skincare: COCONUT Lip Balm daily and remembered since that their face balm is one of the best too! #newbrandtoworship It just feels as though it is truly hydrating and not just sitting there doing nothing.

I knew the Juice Beauty: GREEN APPLE® BRIGHTENING GEL CLEANSER would be great since I’ve used it before and am loving it all over again. You just feel that you get that extra clean from the added acidity of the product.

I have only used the My Daughter Fragrances: MY WILD PERFUME once and was moderately pleased with it. It reminds me of something from the NEST family of fragrances, so if you like those floral with a woodsy kick kinds of scents, I think you’ll like and reach for it often.

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