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Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation Review

by Veg Girl

Welcome Back Veg Peeps!

I got my hands on the new Shape Tape Matte foundation which is meant to combine the benefits of foundation and shape tape concealer in one product. Sounds promising! I decided to do a head-to-head comparison against my holy grail, Rainforest of the Sea foundation and see how it holds up. Check it out.

The first thing that stood IMMEDIATELY is the color variation. Shape Tape’s Foundation more closely matches the color of the shape tape concealer than my current foundation even though they both have the same color name, Light Sand. These should be very identical in color but clearly are not. That’s a bit disappointing since I do not think anyone uses concealer over their whole face, so it would make more sense to closely color match it to the foundation and then lighten it up a bit with the concealer mixture. It seems the base of the Shape Tape Foundation is the concealer with foundation possibly added into it. If you do use concealer all over, you might really like this! 

After wearing it a full day, my skin looked drier and my fine lines popped more with the Shape Tape Foundation, so I was quite disappointed. This could have been due to the poor color match though, so I purchased it in a darker color and gave it a go.

I do think the color matching helped as the Shape Tape held up much better, at least initially, verus the Rainforest of the Sea, especially in the way of not settling into fine lines and actually hiding some fine lines. Over the course of the day, they really were no different than one another, so it’s a bit confusing what you’re getting in the Shape Tape foundation. I did not think it hid blemishes any better, so pretty confusing. I may try it again, but in the end, I’m returning the second Shape Tape Foundation and sticking with my Rainforest of the Sea since I really enjoy it!

Rainforest of the Sea remains the winner!!

What new products are you trying? Love em’ or hate em’, let me in on the scoop, Veg Peeps?

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