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Stitch Fix ~ February 2018

by Veg Girl

Welcome back Peeps!

I’ve got another Stitch Fix, and this month was a bit tricky as I really liked everything. Me liking most things is a rarity for Stitch Fix! had to narrow it down to only that which I really loved since it’s so easy to get caught up in the idea of things with these boxes. The denim skirt dilemma was a real thing! Once I tried it on, I realized I didn’t have one and wanted one. You’d think that makes for an easy decision, but as I’ve learned with these style services, I have to really think about adding a piece to my wardrobe more so if I don’t have anything else like it. Through these experiences, it’s become clear that if I don’t own any jeans and then get sent a pair, inevitably I end up loving them but later wish I’d had more time to shop around and think about the details such as tone, stitching, color, cut, or you name it. I’m terribly picky, so if I do not have a denim skirt, the odds I’ll be sent the perfect one are nil. Usually, if I think on something, I have 5-10 different specifications that set that piece apart from all of the others making the new item even less likely that I would have thought of that one. It’s a lengthy way of cautioning you to avoid buying that piece of clothing you don’t already own and hadn’t even thought of owning, because the odds you’d have chosen that one out of the plethora of options is unlikely and then you’ll continue to want for different and not really be satisfied with the purchase (especially if you’re me)!

What’s included:

Lynn Distressed Bootcut Jean by Judy Blue $64

Redina Open Crochet Hooded Pullover by Harper Lane $68

Tatiana Denim Skirt by Just Black – Made in USA $54

Carlisle Ruffle Detail blouse by Rebecca Minkoff $44

John Brushed Striped Cardigan by Tea N Rose – Made in USA $48 [KEPT]

***I’m really happy with this cardigan. It’s soft, medium-weight, and can be dressed up for work or easily used to be dressed down for more casual days. I think it will be fun to experiment and put different color tanks under it, and it’s already worked really well to have a button-up underneath as well. 

Overall, I felt this was a great fix which made picking my loves that much more challenging! I love the crochet top but you have to think about where every piece of clothes fits not only in your closet and also your day-to-day life.

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