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COM Time (aka: Company of the Month) – BC Shoes!!!

by Veg Girl

Hello Veg Peeps

It’s been a while, and I back to bring the good reads, eats, and finds!

This is a new feature I’d like to keep going, whereby I feature a company/brand that I think really stands-out and sets themselves apart from all of the others by offering vegans great products and services while also not being shy to say they wish to appeal to and serve vegans by labeling their products as such. I think this spurred from seeing more and more brands not being afraid to tag their products as a vegan item while knowing that this has not been the typical stance a company takes. It would seem in doing this we are moving away from the era where companies refer to their products as “vegetarian” as a means to disguise their vegan nature in order to increase market and mass appeal, and that we are moving toward a more accepting climate and culture. The stance of labeling something vegetarian versus vegan (or no_DSC0044t labeling it as either) has long been a cringe-worthy scheme for me. Albeit, I understand the desire for positioning your brand and vegan things for success and maximal consumption. I also have to acknowledge in a way it would seem to deny us authenticity and shroud the product and consumer with stigma by trying to do just the opposite. That may be a long rant on the topic, and the desire remains that I want to be highlighting those that dare to appeal to the marginalized and show their pride in doing that! Not all of the brands and companies will be solely vegan brands and companies. I think it is important to remember that we as consumers vote with our dollars, and my vote goes to the inclusive brand and company. Don’t get me wrong vegan companies are great! Vegan companies are often a place for the vegan conscious reprieve, and those that are willing to make and label products vegan deserve respect as well. This is more my way of saying, ‘thank you and we support you!’ You’re probably wondering ‘why then are you the Veg Girl?’ Well, that was more happenstance than anything, and I’ve not minced words that this site is for Vegan Gays and Gals!

For this month, I’d like to highlight a new shoe company that I’ve recently come across, BC Shoes or Born in California Shoes!

For me, vegan shoes have long been a deviation from the strictly vegan brands since I rarely found anything that seemed in time with current trends and my own personal tastes. A decade ago, the vegan shoe world seemed to mostly forgo fashion and prioritize construction and functionality, while this is important. Durability is not the only thing important to a veg peep. While I wish I could say that I was one of those people that could forgo nice threads to have a value behind every purchase I make, the truth is that sometimes, or oftentimes, I want things that look good and make me feel good. BC Shoes or Born in California Shoes accomplish both of things and more!





Check out this AMAZING vegan and proud packaging! Clearly, they make no qualms about showing their vegan pride from the vegan stamp on the front of the box to the tissue paper that is loaded with good vegan information!




Check out these two styles I recently tried out and loved!


This shoe is so London to me! I love the flare of the opening at the arch of your foot. Does anyone have issues with their arches? This seems like a no-brainer, no shamer kinda way to get a little flirty with a peep, while still being conservative and put together. The heel really impressed me! It was a detail that I did not notice until it arrived. Not only has this been a bootie that I’ve been looking for since last winter, it also features this unique shaved heel that essentially sharpens that part that would normally round out. I think the structure adds great style with good lines! I’m always trying to tell stylists I love lines, and this is what I mean. If you can take something that is normally round and rather ordinary and use a seam or cut to sharpen it, I’m going to be all over it!

It should be noted this was not the only BC shoe offering that had this style of heel, so look for others if this variation isn’t quite your speed but you’re still interested in a flat back heel, I’m sure you’ll find some in your style that offers this amazing detail.

Here’s how I ended up styling these later in the winter!

I love jazzing up a black pant-suit, so I kept it fun yet simple with my Miranda Frye jewelry, my Padlock Necklace, my sweater that looks like a coat (Market and Spruce), and of course, my cool BC Cutout Booties! These other booties have also been ones I have been looking for since last winter. I LOVE the faux shearling. I LOVE how these booties end up incorporating essentially two styles, the traditional above the ankle lace up bootie and the classic hiking boot.  Seems like a good value if it can work for your wardrobe! I did end up purchasing a similar pair from Payless last winter, but those were high-heeled and kinda funny looking when you realize the functionality is entirely lost in that heel. I still have them but never wear them. These offer style, comfort, warmth, and the ability to traipse through a few frozen flurries on the ground if needed 🙂 My favorite part is that ombre toe, how stinking-cute and rather rustic! In the end, I didn’t keep these, because they seemed a bit spendy at $70 as I didn’t have a specific need for them other than liking the idea of them. I did purchase another variation just recently from a different retailer, so I’ll update you on how those work out for me. Either way, great shoe! Great brand!

_DSC0058 _DSC0057

Noteworthy mentions:

1. The shoes would seem to run small but also true to size. It should be noted that the small variation in sizing that I noted would not have impacted wearability. It was mostly the fuzzy boots that seemed a bit big even at being a half of a size smaller than I normally go. My rule for sizing this brand: when in doubt size a half size down. 

2. These shoes are comfortable! Heel height in on point too for most shoes seemingly at that mid-range.

3. The quality also seems very mid-range as well. The construction is not seamless, as some of the edges of the material were a little less than refined, but even then, that was barely noticeable. Based on that, I think the price point for these items is 100% true to quality.

4. The brand has a website where you can directly purchase the goods.

5. This brand also has a blog where you can read about upcoming products and get tips and photos on how to style the pieces! Check it out here.

6. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and stay current on the latest trends and goods.

7. You can also find this brand in stores at Nordstrom Rack and online at Amazon, Zappos, ModCloth, American Eagle, and many others.


Thanks for reading Veg Peeps! Check in with you next week, and please let me know if you have any favorite brands that I should be raving about on here?



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