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Cooper’s Hawk

by Veg Girl
VegGirl spotted this Cooper's Hawk in Northwest Tucson, AZ

VegGirl spotted this Cooper’s Hawk in Northwest Tucson, AZ

Hello Veg Peeps!

This summer I had the awesome experience of looking out my office window and spotting a Cooper’s Hawk feasting on one of my branches. As I’ve come to learn, it’s a hot-spot for birds of pray, which makes sense when I think back to when my puppy was small and developed a distinct disdain for birds. My guess is these birds took a stab at her when she was all alone. Scary!


I was able to take some video and cool shots with the camera, so I should warn that this video may be too graphic for some as nature often can be when we peep on it. If you’re easily offended or disgusted, this is not the post for you.

Cooper's Hawk Open Mouth

Cooper’s Hawk Open Mouth


What a proud bird!

What a proud bird!

Cooper's Hawk Up Close

This is my favorite…look at this baby bird, eeek!!!

Cooper's Hawk Ponders Life

Cooper’s Hawk Ponders Life


Here is the video, and it is a bit graphic since he’s eating a baby bird (sad but life)!



Veg peeps, let me know: what in nature has sparked your attention recently? Got any cool photos or videos?


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