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Confirmed: Smarties are Vegan

by Veg Girl

Hey VegPeeps!

It was just confirmed via an email from Smarties representative, Kerri Nastasi, that Smarties products are vegan, which is great, because these are my favorite pre-run sugar blasts. I had long suspected this was the case, as Smarties have their own page dedicated to vegan information, see here: http://www.smarties.com/product/vegan/

Smarties Candy

In case your interested, I asked them point blank the question that their site lacks, and just happens to be the rumor flooding the internet:

Does your product(s) contain animal-derived colorings, such as cochineal?

This was the response I received this morning:

Thank you for your email at Smarties.com,


No, our products do not contain animal-derived coloring.  Our Smarties are a vegan product.

We appreciate you taking the time to write to us to confirm this information.  Thank you again, we hope that you will continue to enjoy Smarties!

Have a nice day!!

Kerri Nastasi

Customer Service

Smarties Candy Company

I also asked them to update their vegan page with this information to avoid further rumor spreading, but as of late, that had not been completed.

Just an FYI, vegans you must fact check. Don’t rely on information of yesterday to inform today. Things are always changing or being corrected. Ask, ask, ask your informant, is it vegan?


Veg Girl

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