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Lisa Frank Makes A (Vegan?!) Return …

by Veg Girl

…at least in my world anyway!

Hello Veg Peeps!

I’m back to bring word and share a new vegan treasure in the form of vegan makeup from Lisa Frank. The line also appears to have some sort of connection to a company called Glamour Dolls, though I am unfamiliar with that brand/company. Lisa Frank, though, is a name I knew and loved very much when I was a school girl due to the company’s engaging use of color, animal prints, and hip designs that helped the school-girl transition into those teen years by offering school supplies such as pencils, folders, and notebooks that seemed mature yet fun enough to be suitable for those primary school tastes. By the looks of this bronzer that I was able to get my hands-on via my Ipsy bag this month, the makeup line does not disappoint and seems a natural extension for Lisa Frank. Check it out:

























































As you can see, the bronzer is a beautiful, universal type color that’s a bit on the dark side and more matte without any shimmer or glitter making it a great option for contouring and shading. I’ve been on a kick recently of using the darkest shade (candlelight) from the Tarte Skin Twinkle Volume 2 palette as my bronzer, thus while the swatch of this is nice, it’s a bit of a deviation for me to break away from that full facial glow that I’ve been going for lately. My plan is possibly overlying this with a bit of my highlight just to make it blend a little better. In thinking about that, I’m actually surprised, given the bold, fun nature of Lisa Frank, that they didn’t go with a baked bronzer to feature more luminescent, thus fun and bright, properties. I do get the sense that this is fairly new line as they’ve rolled out just 4 products that I can find thus far including an eyeshadow and two brushes. Perhaps, more is to come in the way of bright and daring colors.

I’m definitely excited to see what is to come from the brand and give this vegan makeup a real go of it. From what I’ve gathered, Glamour Dolls is committed to being cruelty-free, so if you’re on the site, check out their other products too! My hope is that the Lisa Frank line holds tight to their cruelty-free and vegan status and only expands their product offerings. If that continues to be the case, we’re in for some real treats and innovative products that will continue to pull in that younger generation and demonstrate how vegan products are easy and better than the other makeup offerings. As I can see this line really appealing to the younger generation, including those just starting out with makeup.

So far, I’ve spotted these through Ipsy of course and on the Glamour Dolls website. It looks like Amazon.com  will be offering these products soon. There was a Kickstarter for the line back in February that promised eyeliners, lip balms, and vegan makeup bags.  Check that out!  According to Allure, they were able to raise a significant amount more than anticipated through their Kickstarter, so odds are good we’ll be seeing way more of this line in the near future. Go over to their Facebook to like and stay tuned!

Have any of you tried these new products by Lisa Frank? If so, do you like them? If not, will you run out and grab these? If so, which ones are you most interested in trying?

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